The Biggest Lie

The hardest part–
is that i love you
but it is so hard
to feel moved 
by the emptiness
that consumes your soul

The worst part–
is looking into your eyes
and feeling that there is
nothing inside
that draws your heart
towards mine

The saddest part–
is thinking of you
and wondering 
if you deserve to be loved
by such a woman

love, an admirable title

it doesn’t allow us
to feel angry or unpleasant

it doesn’t shake the leaves
from our trees
and it will never guide
to a non-existent direction

it makes me feel
as if i shouldn’t
because i’m savoring it all
for when i need it
while i’m caught in the dark

it shouldn’t  take offense
to the movement of your lips
and it should rest upon every inch of me
and every minute spent
dreaming about the possibilities

new old shoes

I was able to see the moon
from my window last night

to me it appeared lonely,
like us when we came to find
that the trail in the woods
is probably the only familiar path
we’ll ever take

the one place i could hide

the smoke still lingers
on the walls
from where the selfless poems
were pinned
on a dark sunday

the sun was never shown here
but the pain intertwined
with erotic beauty

at the end of the journey
we both thought we could walk on through life
with the right directions
but still ended up lost.

I change my mind a lot

the soft smell of snow
draws me away from the season
and into the past
where every footprint i made
had a perfect outline
and the skyline
had a deep glow to it

the things we like to see
become pictures in our  minds
and when they are fixed to the inside
of our skull
there is no chance of tainting this
perfect still life

while tomorrow is just fifteen seconds away
the thought of trying to skip the last few
treacherously crosses my mind

i’m supposed to tell you goodbye

you’re a pretty good charmer
for an asshole
with the way you put it down
on paper
i can always tell
when your head isn’t screwed on
at the right level of tightness
especially when you tell us
about your past
and how you had to tell the girls you loved
good night.

oh how hard it must have been
with my love flowing from every inch
of my body
and a smile made out of
fluorescent light

i’ve been trying so hard
to remember this
when i lie down for the night
and right now it’s working
but i’ just don’t know how long
these stars of mine
will allow me to feel better,
i’m sure i’ll be fine.

just one more day(every day)

even if i had the strength
to put out the burning fire
i probably wouldn’t.